although I am a fan of (some of) the music of the enigmatic band ( and the use of their moniker is somewhat of an seo experiment, i did want to share three observations about management (i am a manager at the company i currently work for—Logos). observation one: the key to unlocking potential in…


rosie the outraged cow

this latest installment of the random stories that i share with my children at bedtime quickly became a favorite of the kids; even prompting emaleena to ask me to make sure i write it down and share it with everyone. if you are curious as to what i am referring to simple read unique. pink.…


decision parallax

do you make decisions? yes, we all do. as a matter of course, everyone, everyday is faced with a series of decisions. there is a constant onslaught of decision points that interweave the fabric of our lives. it starts at the first dawn of consciousness and ends with its last flicker. the very moment we…


unique. pink. chicken.

recently i have begun telling my kids special stories before they go to sleep. at first it was out of laziness (i didn’t want to read them a book) and now it is a fun ritual we have. before i tell a story i ask the kids for random things that i then weave into…



i am often humbled by unexpected things. today has been full of humbling experiences. this article is one of them:

come on kindle light my fire

kindle fire wins. it is an inescapable truth, and as an ardent nook pundit it pains me greatly to admit this, i just simply cannot deny the reality of it. i can explain, but let us first look at the facts: comscore reports the kindle reaching fifty percent of sales for all android devices (as…


flying coach

one of the things in this world that i find myself being passionate about is organizational and leadership development. to be fair, that is most likely why i sought out a masters degree that focused on those area. but what truly fascinates me about it is something that goes beyond the common ideas of what…