i do?

In the morning of June 22, 2007 ABC News Online reported a story about a young sixteen year old girl who married her forty year old high school track coach (ABC News). The story is interesting not only because of the age difference of the couple; but also the circumstances around the legality and legitimacy of this marriage. Many questions are begging to be asked, none the more poignant than, “how did this happen?”

no vote, no voice

it is too simple to say that may 1, 2007 will be a day that will be scrutinized with a real potential for infamy. from the mass walkouts (not as mass as 2006) to the inappropriate behavior by young protesters and the police reaction under investigation. a day that was meant for young voices to…

God created

Starting with the first chapter of the first book of the Torah or the Bible begins immediately. Regardless of the translation used, the meaning is the same. God created. When it was done, how it was accomplished, the particulars – these, while fascinating to think about, are relatively unimportant sidebars. Ponder on that for a bit: before any theology, any religion, or holy wars, there was a singular act, creation.